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Pediatric Feeding

Use of a multidisciplinary approach to treat pediatric feeding issues such as extreme selectiveness, picky eating,

limited oral consumption (use of supplemental/tube feedings), and difficulty bottle feeding.


Use of Applied Behavior Analysis to reduce/eliminate maladaptive behaviors and facilitate skill acquisition, including functional communication training.  

Articulation & Oral Motor

Use of PROMPT and other research based treatment methods to treat motor speech and phonological speech disorders.  

Use of Debra Beckmann exercises in order to increase stability, range of motion and strength in order to improve speech and feeding skills.

Caregiver Training

Provide comprehensive and systematic caregiver training in order to facilitate optimal skill maintenance and  generalization.

Delivery of Services

Services are provided in the comfort of your own home or via Teletherapy (video conferencing) if preferred or needed. 


To learn more about individualized services and fees please contact:

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